An educational space adventure for kids and adults

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Explore the universe while playing these four fun and challenging games that entertain as well as exercise the brain. Practice math, recognition, motor and memory skills. Monitor your improvement through higher scores. Learn about our universe through “Fun Facts”. Perfect for children and adults alike. FREE for a limited time and no ads or in-app purchases!

Brain Warp Games:

Alien 4

Recognition and quick decisions: Help the alien ambassadors find the correct spaceship, but hurry, the ships are about to blast off!



Short term memory: The alien ships are cloaking! Its up to you to remember where they are located.



Math skills and quick decisions: Destroy the gravity bombs by dragging them together to reach critical mass, but don't go over the critical value, or your ship will be destroyed!



Math Skills: Destroy the asteroids with the incorrect values, but NOT the ones that solve the equation.

Fun Facts
Pop up from time to time presenting intriguing information about our amazing universe.
galaxies collide

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